About Doorpost Blessing

Doorpost Blessing, LLC (DPB) is a multilingual manufacturer and distributor of DBP’s.  DPB’s mission is to be a reminder of our Blessings using Scriptures, Hymns/Songs, Inspirational and Ethic Sayings lasered on a wood 1x6” structure topped off with a Brass Emblem.

By definition a doorpost/frame is the frame around as well as the inside frame of a door.  And blessing?  Well, we all know what this is and where it is from. Now, put the two together, and it's just that simple - doorpost blessing.

The concept of the DPB is based upon a passage from Deuteronomy 6:6-9.  This section reflects a conversation that God had with Moses who is now speaking to the Israelites prior to entering the promise land.  The text is a reference about keeping God's commandments and specifically writing God's commandments on "the doorposts (frames) of your houses and on your gates."  We have taken this passage literally, as well expanded upon said passage to include Inspirational Sayings & Songs.

Hang your DPB on the inside of your home to your doorpost/doorframe!

Currently language options for DPB's are English & Spanish.  

DPB are made using all quality materials from the wood to brass attachments, to the finish made from a Poly-Whey "a green" product. 

Because DPB are made of wood, wood colorations are inevitable.  Displayed options are to give you a "visual" & colorations also guarantees uniqueness of each DPB.  

DPB is the vision of owner & creator Karen Goode.  

Questions, email owner at: doorpostblessing@outlook.com

Note, all orders are custom, therefore after placing an order, please allow up to 1 week for the order to leave Doorpost Blessing.