About Doorpost Blessing

Doorpost Blessing, LLC (DPB) ® is a multilingual manufacturer and distributor of products that are reminders of one’s Blessings.  

By definition a doorpost is the frame surrounding a door.  And the word blessing relates to God's Promises, Truths and His favor.  Now, put the two together, and it's just that simple - doorpost blessing.

DPB has now also expanded to include Positive Inspirational, Cultural and Ethnic related themes.

Doorpost Blessing made of wood & brass are currently divided into 2 sizes: 1x6" for the Simple Design and 2x7" for all other shapes which include: Butterfly, Cross, Fish, G-Clef and the Shield.  

Hang your DPB on the inside of your home to your doorpost/doorframe or wall!

Currently language options for DPB's are English & Spanish.  

DPB are made using all quality materials from the wood & acrylic to brass attachments, and the finish made from a Poly-Whey "a green" product. 

DPB is the vision of owner & creator Karen Goode.  

Questions, email owner at: doorpostblessing@outlook.com

Note, all orders are custom, therefore after placing an order, please allow about 1 week for the order to leave Doorpost Blessing.